Blanco Rules!!!
Posted by The Caped Crusader on April 09, 2002 at 15:51:49:
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I would check out the Blanco website if I were you. Blanco is one of the best, if not best, in the business making composite sinks, including their attention to detail, materials, workmanship, etc. In addition, to stainless steel sinks, in which they were one of the first to introduce this material into sinks, they also offer composite sinks called Silgranit, Silacron, and a new offering only available right now in Europe called Silduran. Sigranit is 80% pure granite and has a matte like finish and Silacron is Quartz material with a high gloss finish. Being that Blanco is a German based company their quality should be no secret, but it still is in the US for their composite sinks. Their composite sinks are all the rage in Europe! They spend little on advertising and make up for it with their final product. I have just purchased one of their Silgranit sinks and am thoroughly pleased with every aspect of the sink. Right now all their composite sinks are not available in the US. Thus, my recent trip to Canada to pick up the sink I needed because of non-standard cabinet dimensions because this sink was not marketed in the US. Blanco is also about the only composite sink manufacturer with specialized sink sizes. Most manufacturers only offer sinks that are 33" x 22" in size. Blanco also incorporates many innovative features into some of their sinks. They are also only one of a few that also "pack all of the extra's in the box" (i.e. drain assembly, sink clips, etc.) which most other sink manufacturers charge additionally for. Blanco is worth a look-see....Be aware that the Blanco Canada web site has many more composite sink selections available than the Blanco US website.
As for the Americast sinks; I've read a lot of hard luck stories.

: We are in the process of renovating the entire kitchen. I love how the americast double sink looks, however, some people tell me that the I may have problems with chipping and are trying to talk me into stainless steel. Can anyone give me some feedback on the durability of the americast sink?

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