Tapping Hot Water Pipes.
Posted by Jim Martin on April 09, 2002 at 14:09:30:
Two years ago I replaced the galvanized hot and cold water lines with copper lines in my house. Over the past few months I have noticed a tapping noise in the first floor bathroom right below the second floor bathroom when the hot water is turned on by itself in either the bathtub or the sink on the second floor. The pipe does not tap until the water warms up and gets hot. When the cold water is mixed with the hot water the tapping is not as loud and as frequent but the tapping noise can still be heard. Is the hot water copper pipe expanding and hitting the wall / floor framing, or is there a leak in the pipe? I have not noticed any water damage on the first floor ceiling or walls. Please note the noise is not heard until the water gets warm to hot and when I just run the cold water the tapping noise is not heard so the drain line is not leaking. What could be making this noise?

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