Tub Drain Plumbing
Posted by Mike on April 09, 2002 at 12:34:23:
I see by code that vent piping should not run horizontal below the 6" of the flood rim of a fixture except where structurally impossible. What defines structurally impossibe? This is for tub plumbing. I can extend the trap arm to 4 1/2 ft to a wall and then take the vent off vertically until above the flood rim. I would need to run some extra fittings, combo, ell, to connect into the drain. The other case I could connect into the drain with a short trap arm and then run the vent horizontal, below the tub off the top of a tee with a 90 Ell. This creates an easier drain path. So is it better to have the most direct route to drain or to keep the vent from horizontal below the flood rim of a fixture?

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