Re: Tank to Bowl Leak (unlevel installation)
Posted by hj on April 09, 2002 at 01:36:12:
In response to Re: Tank to Bowl Leak (unlevel installation)
If the metal washers were installed inside the tank then you have to remove them since that is causing a leak. The thin washer is okay where you installed it, normally. The levelness of the toilet has no bearing on any leak at the tank mounting area.

: After re-installing my toilet with new universal type parts, I have a leak between the bowl and tank. It looks like it is coming from both the bolts and the over flow tube area.

: I�ve read the archives to take off the metal washers supplied with bolts holding down the tank.

: The large tank to bowl washer also came with a thin paper-fiber type gasket which I put against the tank, then screwed on the spud nut. Was this right?

: My toilet is not level by one cm. Can this cause a leak from the tank. I didn�t want to shim the bowl for fear of breaking the new seal on the flange.

: A great site! Thanks for your help.

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