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Posted by Rob on April 08, 2002 at 16:52:42:
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: Any water that is coming down the pipe has to come from the tank. And the only way that can happen is for the fill valve to be leaking water into the tank or down the pipe, or the valve at the bottom to leak or be cracked. The seal at the bottom of the tank and/or the wax seal will have no effect on it, not would they give your symptoms.

: : I just purchased an older townhouse. The tiolet in the bathroom has a slow leak. The leak is not on to the floor but down the waste pipe. (I can hear it very well in the basement). I have replaced the wax ring, I have also replaced the valve at the bottom of the tiolet.... but still water is dripping down the pipe.

: : Anyone have any suggestions... I think the seal at the bottom of the tank is not tight....

: : Thank

: : Rob

Thank you for your help. Since I replaced the bottom valve and that did not cure the problem... how do I go about fixing the seal at the bottom?

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