Re: dishwasher air gap, where can I put it?
Posted by hj on April 07, 2002 at 23:58:37:
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That would not obviate the need for the air gap, since a backed up condition would still siphon into the dishwasher, just the same as if the sink were plugged. In either case, the air gap would be nice, but most of the rest of the time it can become a nuisance if the water starts overflowing from it.

: You can also run the dishwasher to a seperate trap
: that has its own vent or ties into another vent. You need one of those things when your connecting to the sink. Just another law to reinforce the reasons for not getting permits.

: : Story: getting new granite counter top with under mount sink. Dont want to have that thing sticking up, like i have now. I live in Oakland CA. The dishwasher backs up to an outside second story wall.

: : Questions:
: : 1) Anyone know the code in Oakland, do I need an airgap?
: : 2) Can I run it outside, or is that another violation
: : 3) Do they make a nice looking one that can be installed in a small granite box? If not, maybe I will invent this

: : Thanks

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