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Posted by one opinion on April 07, 2002 at 21:22:17:
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Put your hand or a paper towel up there to see if there's water between the tank and the bowl. Check the nut on the stop and the fill valve.
Shut the value off and see if it still is leaking.
They sell repair kits of the tanks which should include gaskets for the nuts ext. Does it leak only when you flush? It could be something inside the wall and traveling down the pipe. You have to be able to pinpoint the source. Good luck.

: I just purchased an older townhouse. The tiolet in the bathroom has a slow leak. The leak is not on to the floor but down the waste pipe. (I can hear it very well in the basement). I have replaced the wax ring, I have also replaced the valve at the bottom of the tiolet.... but still water is dripping down the pipe.

: Anyone have any suggestions... I think the seal at the bottom of the tank is not tight....

: Thank

: Rob

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