Re: Gas Water Heater with a knocking noise
Posted by Terry Love on April 07, 2002 at 15:36:38:
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I have encountered gas water heaters that knock. You may check to see if it's the baffle that fits into the interior verticle tube that acts as a chimmny. If the tanks "leans", and thereby the baffle knocks against the sides, you can shim the tank upright, and hopefully prevent that.
Then again, that may not even be the problem. But it's one thing you can check. Terry

: Yes they can make noises and the problem is not repairable except by replacing the water heater. hj

: : My daughter has a gas water heater in her attic. Occasionally she hears a "knocking" noise coming from the attic space and upon investigation is unable to locate the source. Is it true that water heaters can make this noise and if so, what causes the noise and how to fix it?

: : Thanks
: : Bill Bourgeois

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