sewer odor
Posted by Rob K on April 07, 2002 at 13:18:00:
I own a 70 year old home which since I moved in 5 years ago has had sewer odors in the upstairs bathroom from time to time. I am about to remodel the upstairs bath, and fix the poor venting which i think is the problem. Before I can rip the bathroom apart however, I need to install drains, etc in the basement and install a shower 'cause the small first floor bath only has a toilet(which never had sewer odors). So i cut open the floor and decided to test the flow of my sewer pipe. It backed up bad when the washing machine purges so I did some testing and found tree root invasion , replaced damaged terra cotta pipes w/ PVC and had sewer authority test rest of sys-sewer is now wide open---problem is my downstairs toilet room now stinks like sewer and upstairs toilet stinks more often. There is no vent at all in 20 ft. run from lower toilet to main stack, could removal of blockage in the sewer line be leaving excess gas to push against bowl trap and somehow get by? I flushed toilet, shut off water and stuffed rags and plastic in bowl hole, let sit couple hours and odor MAY have abated a little. Some more info- The water level in the bowl is as high as its ever been so I can assume the increased flow in the pipes isnt sucking the water out of the trap. The bowl has no visible cracks. The only thing left is the wax ring. I can access bottom of toilet from the open basement- the wax ring is not letting water leak out. Is it possible for the wax to fail in such a way as to let sewer gases escape but not let water leak when flushed? And yes I do intend to vent the toilet run when i install my basement bath...

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