Re: Union Brass Shower Diverter
Posted by hj on April 06, 2002 at 11:27:34:
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It is possible that tapping it in damaged the "O" ring, but without being there it is impossible to tell if there is some other problem which is causing your symptoms.

: It is an exact match to what I took out of the wall....but I suppose there is the possibility that the old part wasn't the right one. The only place that the fit was tight was at the o-ring, so I helped it along by tapping it in. The diverter doesn't have a washer and screw on the end, but is a cylindical cast piece with a hole in it, then an o-ring, then a shaft and a big nut, then a sleeve. So please tell me that its supposed to fit real tight.

: I don't know for sure what make the faucet is but the parts I can see are stamped Union Brass.

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