Re: Relocating Piping under Floor
Posted by Marv on April 05, 2002 at 21:01:45:
In response to Re: Relocating Piping under Floor
: you can notch the joists. An inch or so square will not substancially weaked the joist. Be sure to secure the pipes to the well up into the the notch and it would be wise to put a nail protector plate across each just to be sure you never try to drive a nail through a pipe. Building supply houses have them, and I'd mortise them in to keep the ceiling line even. You're only talking 4, so it wouldn't be major carpentery.

It is A-OK to notch the tops - drilling or cutting with a hole saw is much neater - BUT NEVER NOTCH or otherwise cut into the BOTTOM of any floor joist : small (non-sewer sized holes) can safely be placed in the top ONE-HALF of most floor joists ; just keep them seperated from each other by a reasonable amount (one small supply sized hole per height-equivalent spacing is very safe); same goes for electrical runs. / Marv

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