Union Brass Shower Diverter
Posted by Nancy Moore on April 05, 2002 at 03:24:13:
My daughter bought a 40 year old house one month ago...her first house. Within three weeks, a hidden leak in wall behind shower ruined a significant part of ceiling in basement. I replaced faucet stems and resurfaced the non-removable seats and that stopped the leaking and went well (ok...it was a nightmare, but nevermind that). The diverter wasn't working well and was leaking on the shower side of the wall, so I replaced that with a new Union Brass diverter, an exact match. Naturally, the diverter is only diverting about 2/3 of the water to the shower head; the rest is going out the spout. I'm wondering if there was something about lining the diverter up that I didn't do. Like maybe the flat part of the piece that attaches to the handle should have been straight up or something. Any thoughts? If thats not it, could someone tell me more about blowing out the pipe or blasting water down the shower pipe to dislodge whatever it is thats blocking it? And..duh...how am I going to get the diverter out now? I had to tap it in and its a super tight fit. Is there a tool to give me some traction? thanks.

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