Re: Leaking inverted iron drum trap
Posted by hj on April 04, 2002 at 23:09:32:
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I put a lot of those in during my days in Chicago. The drum trap was not designed to seal with a plug. You need a drum trap cover which has a flange for the sealing surface and a fiber or rubber gasket to make the seal.

: In Chicago most older buildings have drum traps. When my first floor bathroom was remodled in the 60's they inverted the drum trap so the brass plug could be accessed from the basement. After removing the plug, cleaning the trap and applying pipe dope to the threads of a new plug, it leaks. This is because the threads are shot in some places on the old cast iron drum trap. What's the absolute sure fire way to seal up this trap, repair the threads etc. and still have access to the trap to clean it down the line ? I was thinking marine epoxy. If the trap wasn't inverted there would be no problem, but it is.

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