Re: American Standard Vent-Away (two piece)
Posted by hj on April 03, 2002 at 23:35:18:
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The toilet is not valuable, the parts are expensive. 90% or more of customers who installed Vent-a-Way toilets did not know how they worked and therefore may never have taken advantage of that feature. The fill and flush functions however are similar to a standard toilet and you should be able to get them fixed by a qualified plumber.

: I recently purchased a house (built 1948), and even more recently experienced a problem with my American Standard Vent-Away toilet. I am getting an inadequate flush, the symptoms of which are a slow bowl-fill, and even slower draining (the flush usually ends not with a bang, but with a gurgle). The plumbing specialist who came out to the house seemed familiar with (and astonished by) this model of toilet. He also informed me that the repair would likely be more expensive than a replacement with a newer toilet.
: This raises two questions in my head: (1) Can this really be true? and (2) If, as my wife favors, we replace the toilet as part of the intended remodeling of the bathroom irrespective of repair costs, is there a secondary market for this (apparently) valuable toilet?
: Any advice would be appreciated. David

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