Best Choice For Repiping Entire House
Posted by Sperry Russ on April 03, 2002 at 22:02:54:
I live in Central Florida and moved into my home in 1996. The home was built in 1985. In March 2001 I found water leaking from the floor under the kitchen sink. It was found that the leak came from the copper (type M) coming from the slab. It was repaired by a plumber by breaking the concrete slab and repairing the pipe. I then found out that some people in this area have this problem due to acidic water or low ph water.

Now again in March but the year 2002 a year later I kept hearing my well pump running and investigated. I could hear water running near one of the bathrooms. I found no water coming up in the house so obviously it had to be going into the slab or ground. Over a period of days the running water sound got louder so apparently the leak was increasing.

Concerned but not having money in the budget for a plumber I checked around and found that some plumbers and builders are using CPVC exclusively in their new homes and repiping. So I decided to do it myself as I am the all around mechanic, computer builder and repairman, having these mechanically oriented aptitudes since born (mother told me I took apart an alarm clock when 4 or 5 years old :)

I found that going through the attic and down into the walls was the way they did it here for repipes.

I am about half way through with the job and have water into my bathrooms.

I began to research this on the internet and found your site with all the other plumbing links. I searched them all and found that the majority of the plumbers were biased toward copper. But it seemed was biased toward copper but still leaned favorably toward CPVC.

So even though I have started the job I thought I would get your input and why use what material.

Please as best as possible give the longevity of the CPVC and where the weaknesses lie if any in regard to putting it in the attic. I read on one site that in Arizona it got so hot the joints sometimes failed. Central Florida gets fairly hot in summer too. And also whether I need to put in air hammers.

Thanks for your input. And, you have a very good website. We have one too at if interested.

Sperry Russ

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