Re: re-tooling an old bathroom
Posted by Gary Swart on April 02, 2002 at 11:25:23:
In response to Re: re-tooling an old bathroom
It's likely the rust is just on the surface, but old galvanized pipes tend to get corroded on the inside which blocks water flow. If it is possible without demolishing the house, I'd recommend replumbing with copper. The sink and toilet can be cleaned up and rejuvinated. The metal shower stall is a bit different. Of course it can be scraped and sanded then repainted, but it won't be very satisfactory. The main problem in replacing it with a new fiberglass stall is the location of the drain. The drain must be centered on the shower stall floor, and if it is not then concrete breaking and redoing the drain is the only option. I would explore this option if I was doing it as is would have the most satisfactory end result. Measure the drain location then take them to a plumbing supply house and go from there.

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