black grit coming out of faucet
Posted by Jim on April 01, 2002 at 22:17:07:
Hi there, my wife and i just bought a 5 year old house. In the master bath we found little grit coming out of the faucet...mostly the hot water. The water pressure in the cold water tap was very low when suddenly it was like someone opened a sluice gate and full pressure was restored. The last owners were not using the house too much in the last week before we moved in and we did not see this during our first 3 visits. The grit mostly seems to come out of the system when you run hot water. After running the hot water I can remove the filter on the faucet and there will be black grit on the mesh. After a few times of doing this there is still grit there but much reduced in quantity. however, you can still see a fair amount grit in the water when you run either the hot or cold. Again, this is only in the master bath.

We've also found that the cold water for the washing machine, located in the basement, takes forever to fill. Hot water pours out but the cold is a slow stream. to give you an idea of how slow the water is a medium load of wash with cold water took just over 2 hours to do.

Does anyone have any suggestions? It seems like something is blocked but what and where...?

Any help would be appreciated.

thanks, Jim

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