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Posted by hj on March 31, 2002 at 19:11:03:
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In most of the houses built these days, the waste lines are either ABS or PVC. They are under slabs and garage floors. Ideally, your building should not settle enough to cause a problem with any material you use. And if settling is a problem, then the pipe line will deflect and it will happen with cast iron also.

: What about replacing cast iron sewage line under a future driveway slab or garage? I'm working with an architect and getting quotes from plumbers. My sewage line to city main will be under a new garage. Some say "go with cast is durable and can take any settling from foundation above" (sewerage = 74" deep, foundation 48" deep).
: Others say Schd 40 PVC is acceptable. Is it just a matter of opinion? I see new construction uses PVC.

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