Re: Furnace drain hose tapping into plumbing
Posted by hj on March 31, 2002 at 19:03:15:
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if you are describing it correctly, then the drain should/must have a trap of some type. If the condensate is coming from the blower side of the furnace, then it can draw sewer gas into the furnace and distribute it throughout the house.

: I had a new high-efficiency furnace installed recently, and something looks a little odd.
: There is a discharge hose leading away from the furnace, to drain excess condensation. There is no convenient floor drain, so the installer used a "T" to tap into an ABS drain pipe which is nearby. The pipe in question is a vertical drain for a bathroom vanity (rough unfinished side of the wall), on the street-side of the p-trap. It runs up to a stack and down into a drain beneath the floor.

: Is this wrong, and should I have it corrected? It seems to me that anything running into a drain pipe needs to have its own p-trap - or needs to be installed on the sink-side of the p-trap, as a dishwasher hose is connected.

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