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Posted by Jason Liane on March 31, 2002 at 17:09:54:
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: I am currently doing copper horizontal runs (underneath the house) to replace some remaining remnants of old gavanized pipes that are attached to 1/2" copper verticals. The water supply comes in by way of 3/4" copper running the length of one side of the house.

: Simple question: Should I use 3/4" pipe to tee off the existing 3/4" main for a run to the other side of the house (about 20 feet) and reduce to 1/2" when I get to the 1/2" vertical, or can I run 1/2" the entire distance.

In my experience i would run 3/4 for your main trunk line then branch off to your 1/2 that should give you your volume of water needed. If you go with 1/2 you may run into the problem of not enough volume (showering and someone flushes the toilet and you have to move away from the shower caused by not enough volume) hope i helped some Jason

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