Re: Depth/Placement Of Tub's Valve Stem
Posted by hj on March 31, 2002 at 08:20:47:
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That is determined by the faucet manufacturer and is in the paperwork with the valve. Some valves give a large degree of tolerance, and others require that the valve be installed within a 3/4" envelope. It is not a generic measurement. The measurements are a personal choice given the height of the users and other considerations. If the spout is 6" above the tub, the valve 12"-25" above the tub, and the shower head about 61", you will have a servicable installation.
: I'm installing a new tub/shower surround ....

: Assuming my tub's alcove is the correct size and width for the tub and walls, how do I know how far back to mount the Faucet Valve Stem so I have the correct depth when the wall is in place? Do I have some tolerence because it doesn't seem as critical of an issue with the shower arm? ... or does it?

: Also, what the recommneded height of the spout nipple, faucet valve stem, and shower arm (72"?)?

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