Re: sewage line replacement
Posted by Gary Swart on March 30, 2002 at 19:26:04:
In response to Re: sewage line replacement
It's amazing! I just finish removing all of the cast iron to replace with ABS plastic, and you want to install cast! Not that cast is "bad" by any means, but why? Cast may be more durable if you're talking direct hits with a sledge hammer, but as far as wear, what's to wear out? Plastic pipe will last for as long as you live and as long as your children live baring sledge hammers. If anything, plastic is probably longer lasting because it won't rust. It's easy to work on if you want to add a fixture. And, it's there already and paid for. Cast will require a plumber for sure, it's not DIY material. The only negative thing I've found is that you can hear the water running through the plastic. I'm going to insulate around the pipes to kill that.

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