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Posted by melissa on March 30, 2002 at 16:46:11:
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thank you for your advice I also thought that maybe the smell came from the tiolet but could not prove it---it is hard to know what to do when you are an older single female and trying to get help--the last plumber I called I will not call back but do plan to call one on Monday and will request that he does the job that day as this smell and waiting for help is not putting me in the spring spirit--thank you for responding

: Most sewer gas smells come from the wax ring on the toilet, in your case you just had a back up, this applies pressure on the wax ring and "blows it out" The smoke test sounds like a good idea. From what you've described, I cannot see any relation to work performed and you're current problem.
: If you were my customer, I would want you to call me back, and if you said "please do not send the guy over who told me the trap was dried out",,, That would get my attention. We are in the service business,,,professionals don't mind there diagnosis being questioned, in fact we encourage it.

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