Re: Removing an unused toilet
Posted by hj on March 30, 2002 at 08:30:04:
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If you capped the line, using a proper cap/sealer, then that should keep sewer gas out of the trailer. Rags, etc., do not keep sewer gases out, nor do they filter them to make them less objectionable. The type of cap/plug you need depends on what kind of opening you have. Probably an insertable, expansion plug would be best.

: I have removed an unused toilet from a second bathroom. I live in a single wide trailer, and I simply capped the sewer line. I have since been told that sewer gas will still escape the line. I was given advice to put some rags in the line to act as a filter for the toxic/flammable gas. What is the best way to safely cap this line? What type of cap is best? Using PVC cement and cap, or using a rubber cap (expandable)? Thanks

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