toilet bolt broken or floor wood bad?
Posted by Lee Ann on March 30, 2002 at 03:15:39:
The toilet in my mobile home (1977 Cameron) was rocking so I checked the bolts, one was on tight (rusted, I think) the bolt on the other side is either broken, losened from the flange (if there is one) or the floor is rotted. I do not see any water on the floor, but I do hear something like air bubbles when you sit on the toilet.

First question... How can I losen the rusted up bolt so I can remove the toilet?

Second question... IF the other bolt is broken, how do I free up the piece that is stuck in the flange? (if there is one)

Third question, If it's the floor, can I just put some wood over the small section where the toilet is and replace the ring, just for a temporary fix?

Is there anything I can do for a temporary fix to stop it from rocking, until I can get a plumber and/or carpenter in here??

Lee Ann

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