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Posted by More on March 29, 2002 at 23:48:42:
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WHAT? You're asking a plumber if it is good advice to call a plumber? You've already become familiar with the cast iron flange, so look at it closer. It has holes pre-drilled in it to allow it to be bolted down to the slab, and also to allowwing bolts to slip into it and hold the toilet base down to the floor tightly. (Yes, and a point that is broken- repaired by you) Unbolt the flange from the concrete floor, and see if it will rotate and allow you to pry up on it (without breaking the new tile) to remove it. There is a good likelihood that it will lift free, and then you can go buy a new one.

: Here is my dillema. I have a brand new tiled floor on a concrete slab. The toilet flange (cast iron) was broken on one side so I purchased a "flange fixer" and secured it to the existing flange. The problem is the original flange was raised above the floor 3/8" and with the "flange fixer" it's now approx 1" above the level of the floor. What are my options here? A worker at home Depot said to have a plumber cut the flange out and install a new one flush with the floor. Is this good advise? How much does a job like this cost? Thanks for any info you can give.
: Lee Mullican

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