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First, the supply piping is underground, and the house is on a slab, so the first place you can access the piping is at the cold water supply as it rises through the slab and comes to the water heater, Right? You intend to leave the existing piping below the slab, and then pex the rest? Does the cold and then the hot rise from the water heater to go through the attic, and then drop to the fixtures? If so, then you look at the size of the supply drops and get a drill 3/16 larger. The drops are measured from the fittings, so if the existing is copper with a 90 in the attic, you measure down to the shower mixing valve, also down to the toilet angle stop, also down to the lavatory angle stops. But if you are going to pex it, arent you going to make continuous runs? Your hot supply to the shower will what....manifold in the attic with a seperate drop for each fixture? Think about this for a minute. If the mixing valve for the shower is piped in copper inside the wall, behind the shower wall, rigidly fastened with hangers, you're going to what? drop a guesstimate length of pex into a hole in the top plate, hoping that it is long enough when you do a crossover?

Try this idea, Contact a LICENSED plumber to get an estimate, and see if you think you can really do it yourself cheaper, without having to re-do it three times and suffer a leak inside the wallboard.

: If you have any experience or advice regarding the re-plumbing of a house built on a slab, I would
: appreciate them very much. Information regarding the drilling of the access holes for the piping from
: the attic and locating the "drops" would be very helpful (i.e. size of bit to use, piping lengths, etc.).

: I plan to use QEST and/or BESTPEX in doing this project. I want to accomplish this project while
: leaving the copper system in and "cutover" once the PEX is installed.

: That is the scope of the project. Any tips, advice and/or assistance will be greatly appeciated. You
: may contact me by posting at this site or directly to

: Thanks in advance -

: Ron
: Orlando - FL

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