Re: Vibrating discharge pipe from my sump pump
Posted by More on March 29, 2002 at 23:17:55:
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Look very closely at the source of the rattle. Look at where the discharge pipe is close to wood studs.The old sump pump changeout may have caused the discharge line to get closer to the wood framing members than it was before, and now when the pump starts, the water forcefully running through it gets to a 90 degree bend, and causes the vibration. Stuff some bubble wrap between the stud and the discharge pipe to see if that quiets things down.

: Ever since I replaced my old sump pump with a new one the discharge pipe coming from the pump rattles & vibrates very noisily. There is a check valve attached to the pump and this never occurred with the old pump. I think there is an airlock but I don't know how to solve it and it's driving us nuts. Should we be putting an additional check valve in the line somewhere? Please help?

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