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Posted by hj on March 29, 2002 at 23:02:00:
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They are plastic so they can be fairly easily scratched. In addition if you use harsh scouring powders or pads, the gloss coat can be damaged and from that point on, the tub will always look dirty.

: Thanks! But can you tell me if they easily scratch? What about Ultra brand or is there another that is a top acrylic tub maker? Kohler?

: : if the standard depth cast iron tub is too shallow for your use, then acrylic is one of the better alternates. The size of tub you need/want may be a better determinant since a cast iron tub may not come in that size. In any case, be certain that the acrylic tub has a wall flange, or the accessory is ordered and properly installed, if the tub is going to be installed in a recess and the walls are going to set onto the tub, as opposed to being set onto a platform with tile all around it.

: : : Help! I can't make a decision and could use some advice. I'm remodeling 2 full baths and need to order all new fixtures. I have cast iron tubs now and will be removing these (too shallow). I've always equated cast iron with high quality however my plumbing supplier suggested a heavy acrylic instead. She suggested the Ultra bath tubs. Ultra makes thermo-masseur baths using air jets. I would order the normal non-jet tubs instead, which they also make.

: : : Anyway, I like quality stuff but at good value, and plan to install tumbled marble, frameless shower doors, Toto toilets etc. Should I go with cast iron or acrylic tubs? I should mention that I have 2 little kids. I'm thinking acrylic definitely for their bathroom. Is Ultra a good brand or is there another?

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