Bathroom Lavatory Vent
Posted by Steve in Portland on March 29, 2002 at 20:51:52:
I want to install a bathroom lav 7 feet from my main soil stack. The bathroom is on the ground floor of a two story house, so I do not want to run a new vent through the second floor, the attic, and out through the roof. The bathroom is existing, so I'd rather not remove a lot of plaster and lath to tie a vent back to the existing stack.

Can I run a loop vent in the wall behind the lav, and then back down into the same 2" waste pipe that will drain the sink? I could easily extend the loop a foot or so above the sink within the existing wall. Will this prevent siphoning? I have a full basement below, so access is not a problem. Also, i do not want to use one of those "ventless" pipe fittings.

Thanks for your help.

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