TUBS: Cast Iron vs. Acrylic
Posted by suzette on March 29, 2002 at 00:30:30:
Help! I can't make a decision and could use some advice. I'm remodeling 2 full baths and need to order all new fixtures. I have cast iron tubs now and will be removing these (too shallow). I've always equated cast iron with high quality however my plumbing supplier suggested a heavy acrylic instead. She suggested the Ultra bath tubs. Ultra makes thermo-masseur baths using air jets. I would order the normal non-jet tubs instead, which they also make.

Anyway, I like quality stuff but at good value, and plan to install tumbled marble, frameless shower doors, Toto toilets etc. Should I go with cast iron or acrylic tubs? I should mention that I have 2 little kids. I'm thinking acrylic definitely for their bathroom. Is Ultra a good brand or is there another?

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