Request For Tips and Advice For Re-plumbing Using PEX
Posted by Ron on March 28, 2002 at 05:36:08:
If you have any experience or advice regarding the re-plumbing of a house built on a slab, I would
appreciate them very much. Information regarding the drilling of the access holes for the piping from
the attic and locating the "drops" would be very helpful (i.e. size of bit to use, piping lengths, etc.).

I plan to use QEST and/or BESTPEX in doing this project. I want to accomplish this project while
leaving the copper system in and "cutover" once the PEX is installed.

That is the scope of the project. Any tips, advice and/or assistance will be greatly appeciated. You
may contact me by posting at this site or directly to

Thanks in advance -

Orlando - FL

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