Re: Uneven tile floor for toilet install.
Posted by Gary Swart on March 28, 2002 at 00:35:08:
In response to Re: Uneven tile floor for toilet install.
There are some excellent products to level floors before laying tile. It doesn't sound like you have to level a large area and it isn't very deep. I believe a product called "Floor Patch & Level by Jasco would work very well. It comes in at least 2 size containers, I think the 3 lb would be enough for you., It applies much like spackle on walls, but it is a floor filler and leveler. It applies with a trowel or large putty knife and makes a beautiful feather edge. From the container: "Easy Spread*Fast Set*Water Repellent* Ready to Use Fills: Cracks, seams, holes, joints, knotholes. Levels: Small areas of uneven flooring or counter tops of concrete or plywood for sheet vinyl, tile, or other type covering. I recently discovered this product and used it. Unbelievably simple to use and does exactly what it says it will do. Home Depot (et al) have it.

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