old sewer system/toilet problem
Posted by kathy on March 27, 2002 at 20:34:56:
My home is around 40 years old. Low use of septic system over the years. One bathroom, septic drain field system. Iron drain pipes for toilet. Trying to educate myself so I will know what to expect from the plumber I will have to hire to do the work. Floor area around the toilet base is feeling squishy through the tile floor. Room has the stinky sewer smell. Does this indicate a new wax ring job? The toilet moves when sitting on it. Might this mean the pipe connection with the toilet is broken? I am sure the entire floor area around the base will need replacing. Not a big problem due to the room being small. Any ideas on what else may be wrong? Will older iron pipes sustain being worked on? Might they crack or break? Septic tank and drain fields currently working okay. I am afraid that tampering with the whole thing will cause further problems with the old metal septic tank, or with the pipes connecting it. Had my tank pumped out last year due to a hand towel blocking the line. Plumber said the tank is very old and may or may not cave in soon, wasn't sure. Any ideas, suggestions, advice? Working on a tight budget...thanks...

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