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Posted by D Flynn on March 27, 2002 at 12:57:19:
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Thanks, I have come to that conclusion as well. Searched Tyler Pipe catalogs , cannot find anyother sideway offset.
Thanks dflynn
: If this is the offset flange with an oval opening, it cannot be used sideways unless it also has the slotted tab at the back to secure a closet bolt. In addition, using it that way means the wax ring seal is outside the one closet bolt so the seal depends strictly on the integrity of the wax ring filling the bolt hole. It is difficult to accomplish that so any backflow in the sewer will probably cause leakage at the bowl.

: : Can a 1 inch offset flange (cast iron) be used to offset sidways? Or is there something designed for that. I have cornered myself on a remodel and either need a toilet with a 161/2inch wide tank, or need to slide the flange over @least 1 inch. (or , some freshly spackled and painted walls need to be undone : (I have found a 17 1/2 wide tank Kohler Memoir)
: : dflynn

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