Re: tankless water heaters
Posted by hj on March 26, 2002 at 22:40:32:
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40 gallons fills a standard tub about 4 inches. There are gas fired tankless models that will range up to about 5.5 or higher gpm, but they require a higher input and larger flue to accomodate the greater response.

: hj, thanks for a response, but I don't think you answered my question.In talking to my client again yesterday she say taking a bath with the baby was right up there on the priority list and that it takes her 3-5 minutes to fill her bath at 100 degrees. Most tankless units are around 125deg. @ 2.5gpm if the water is 55 deg. How does this equate? Perhaps I should ask how much water does a tub hold 30x60 standard tub? It's got to be more than 15 gallons.

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