Sewer gas smell after laundry, and toilet sucks dry
Posted by Linda K. on March 26, 2002 at 11:27:54:
Hi I live in modular home that was built in 1973. It has 2 full bathrooms, and a full basement. There are 3 or 4 vents on the roof. One for the kitchen sink, one for each bathroom, and I think there is one for the laundry area, which is right next to the main bathroom. Everytime I do my laundry, and the water drains out of the washer, it also sucks the water out of the nearest toilet, and the next day or two after the laudnry is done I have a strong gassy sewer smell coming from the drain pipe in the laundry area, (Which is right next to my dining table) It is awful, and I am afraid it might just blow up some day!! We have tried getting on the roof and running water down the drains to free them of any debris, but nothing seems to be working. Does anybody have any ideas as to what to do nextr or what our problem is?

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