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Posted by melissa on March 26, 2002 at 08:33:53:
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hi now let me add a twist to this tale
we had an ice storm last night and I swear the smell is almost gone--can this be? or is it possible that my sense of smell is now no longer functioning??? thanks: : Okay so if the water is draining so fast what can I do to fix this as I guess this is the problem--should I not have had the pipes put in in a straight shot to the septic system or I do not know what to do ---thanks

: : : : : follow up: it all began with sewage backing up in our the sownstaris showe--plumber came and claened out the pipes with a snake and then the plumber cleaned out the septic system and then placed the 27 inch risers on and the lids--a few days later we still had a problem with back up and we had a guy come wiht a camera and he said we had roots in our line and recommended replacing the ceramic tiles with plastic so we did--after all of that we started noicing the smell--so the plumber came out and said it was the sink drying out (the trap) well I use that sink everyday and have for years we have never had a problem until we had all of this work done--I did go ahead last night and put the old lids back on with the help of others and the problem still remains althought today it is not as heavy of a smell or god forbid I am getting use to it--so not what? thanks: : thanks for the past post about my problem I wanted to ask--I had 27 inch risers installed on my septic system--they did not replace the original lids back in the holes (in the ground) only new lids on the risers--I was wondering could the gap of air between the septic system and the risers cause the gas smell--that might be a stretch but I wanted to ask as I have put out a lot of money lately and I am hoping to get help here and solve the problem--so should I put back on the old lids on top of the holes and then the lids to the risers?--also would it take a long time for the smell to leave my house once I do find the problem--if I ever do
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: : : : : : If the lids aren't on the tank the air around the tank would be unpleasant but it wouldn't cause the problem in the house unless the wind is blowing it in.If the smell is coming from the traps then it sounds like they are being siphoned out which points to a venting problem.Can you explain a little more about what your plumber replaced?
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: : : : Ok, heres what I think.Changing the blocked pipes to new ones has created more momentum in your drainage.This momentum will create siphonage unless there is a proper vent for your fixtures.If the smell is coming from 1 sink in particular then you should investigate the vent for that sink for it.
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: : : What he's saying is the new pipes are draining water so fast that the water (the last glass going down) that is supposed to remain in the trap to block sewer gas is being siphoned or pulled out of the trap....

: So its not coming from the traps? This is getting interesting,again without seeing the job done its hard to determine what the problem might be.Do you have a floor drain if so check that for water. Where did the plumber tie on to your house pipes inside or outside?If you can determine for sure that the smell is not from the traps then your venting must be fine and you may have an improper connection,once again just shooting with the lights off,I can tell you I didn't agree with your plumbers original theory of the trap drying out and you may want to get a second opinion.

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