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Posted by nancy on March 25, 2002 at 21:52:46:
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What EXACTLY would a limit adjuster look like?
since I posted, I went to Home Depot and the guy sent me home with a new cartridge that is too small in diameter--- said they only come in one size... mine looks like 1'5 ", he sent me with 1/2 inch...He said there wasn't an adjustment area....don't know the truth in that, he didn't seem like he had ever seen one before...He said I might have trash in the line on the hot side... maybe... it is MOEN brand, single handle adjustment.
I kind of gave up for the day when I couln't get the water to the house shut off, none of the knobs seem to work (clockwise does nothing)... thought I would have to go out to the street meter. But what does a limit adjuster LOOK like? now that I have a new sample from HD to view easily, If I can see it on this one, I'll try again in the shower!!
: If the faucet has a limit adjuster, it will be in the handle. You could also have a stuck balancing spool, (I just came back from freeing up a stuck one), that is not operating.

: : my shower has never gotten warm enough water since I bought the house, all the other faucets & showers are fine except this one. I took off the front of the faucet (MOEN) & thought I could see how to adjust it, but I have no clue.... can anyone help? the copper pipes appear to be soldered in, but is ther a different part that can be adjusted with taking it all out?

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