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You have ninety pounds supplied to the regulator? Check it again at the inlet, then remove the outlet from the regulator and put a nipple, a tee, an isolation valve, christmas tree with hose bibb and air pressure valve, an isolation valve, a bypass valve, a nipple, and your test gauge, a tee, your outlet, an isolation valve, and a plug. Close the pressure regulator screw, and count the full turns to full open. Is it three? Does your gauge read 20 against the static output pressure? Open the isolator to the hose bibb but close the air pressure nozzle, and open the outlet. Does the gauge ocillate between 15 & 25? Open the regulator adjustment a quarter turn and see if the ocillation stops. If not, bypass the christmas tree and feed a drastically reduced 90 pounds backward through the quarter opened restrictor, then re-check for ocillation. You may have a foreign object against the regulator diaphragm, but if ocillation continues, you have ruptured the diaphragm and need to send the Wilkins back to the manufacturer.In any case, don't apply the full ninety pounds to the residence! Recommended home use pressure is around thirty to keep from rupturing replacement cheap toilet fill valves, and to keep flow restrictors from whistling.

: I have 90# water pressure to my Wilkins #600
: pressure regulator. Output pressure remains about
: 20# despite my turning the adjusting screw both cw and ccw. Is this condition repairable if I disassemble the unit? What is recommended pressure
: for home use?
: Thank you for ur reply
: 3/21/02

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