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"Some bowl wash" usually refers to the swirl water supplied by the toilet tank by gravity force to to rim holes in the toilet bowl above the standing water line, which is designed to rinse (wash) the toilet bowl sides. The term "some bowl wash" as opposed to "forceful bowl wash" or " normal or usual bowl wash" implies that the rim holes are plugged and need to be poked clean utilizing an inspection mirror and small brush.

Commercial Grade Class 4 usually refers to materials which are manufactured with thicker walls or the ceramic is fired harder than residential material, and therefore less likely to chip, crack or explode when abused or sat upon extremely heavily, or side shifted under heavy force, or subjected to abuse from dropped hard materials nearby, or subjected to drugs or other paraphernalia encased in plastic wrapping and forcefully flushed down a toilet . Class 4 refers to the classification described in the manufacturers requirement specifications which vary for Civil and Public uses, Agricultural, Remote or freezing areas, retention or incarceration facility usages.

: #1, what is the rest of the sentence. #2, What is the context/ What is it referring to?

: : 1. What does "some bowl wash" mean?

: : 2. What does "Commercial Grade class 4" mean?

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