Re: rattling pipes FROM AIR ? OR Support?
Posted by More on March 25, 2002 at 16:08:59:
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: HI:
: I've noticed that whenever the pressurized faucet in the kitchen is turned on/off for the first few times in the morning that the pipes downstairs in the wall under the bedroom rattle. Is there air in the pipe? Does a remedy involve shutting off the main water supply and opening up the faucet while slowly turning the water back on??
: Thanks for any info.

If the problem were simply air trapped in the pipe system, then your guess would likely be close to correct. Pressurized water would push the trapped air out the highest open faucet. More likely the problem is that the pipes that are rattling are close to ninety degree bends and are pipes banging against each other or against the wood stud framing supports when you open a faucet and release the pent up equalized pressure. There could also be a temperature differential problem if it in fact only happens the first few times in the morning. You could try listening very carefully with a stethescope against the wall to pinpoint the problem rattle, poke a little quarter size hole in the drywall and wallpaper to see the pipes, and stuff a rolled up cereal box between the pipe and stud, to see if that stops the problem. If it does, it means that the hangers that fasten the piping securely to the wall studs have become loose (or weren't properly installed by a LICENSED plumber initially) and a large area of drywall needs to be removed for correct placement of new hangers.

You might ask your homeowners Insurance Agent if the repair as "Preventative Plumbing Safety Precaution to prevent flooding" can be covered in the Insurance Policy, if the work is performed by a LICENSED plumber.

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