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In a commercial application the return air plenum cannot be utilized for the installation of PVC schedule 40 pipe just by itself, especially when the PVC is not supported by Hangers and when the outside of the Plenum does not prominently state that there is PVC piping concealed inside the plenum. Commercial Code requirements are stiffer than residential because of the number and quality of persons the building serves, and number and type of rescue personnel that respond to emergency requests for help. Concealing PVC pipe in plenum is extremely dangerous for many reasons, and is therefore referred to the UFC Uniform Fire Code. A return air plenum id designed to allow gravity return of cooler room air to the combustion chamber of the air handler, and that side of the plenum is infiltered. Fire code looks at the likelihood that a heat source greater than the PVC piping will cause an offgassing of the chemical components of the Poly Vinyl Chloride pipe, causing the chloride poisoning of unsuspecting firefighters supply air.

: In a return air plenum application can I per codes use PVC schedule 40 pipe in commercial application?
: 1) Just by it self.
: 2) Wrapped with fiberglass insulation with appropriate flame spreed & smoke ratings.

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