Re: shallow well pump Call a LICENSED pump repairer
Posted by More on March 25, 2002 at 15:39:27:
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The surging of the water hose at the pump is probably air cavitation whereas the pump is running out of water and is sucking air. You should see no surging in the toilet bowl, since that water should be captive and supplied from inside the toilet tank (outside of your easy view). If you see surging in the toilet bowl, it likely is caused by faulty tank flush valve leaking tank water into the bowl. Add food color to the toilet tank only, and see if it trickles through, into the bowl. You likely shouldn't be adding air to the well pump expansion tank to correct any problems, that fill connection that you see that looks like an air nozzle is probably for the addition of Nitrogen to the expansion tank, and you are making matters worse by adding air, since they have differing coefficient of expansion and contraction. Contact a LICENSED well installer for help.

: We have an old shallow well with jet pump. We have low water pressure in the house. The well pumps 5 gallons per minute at the pump but by the time it gets into the house, it is much less than this. We have also noticed surging in the toilet and in the water hose at the pump. In an effort to try to correct some of our problems, I have added air to the tank over the past couple of days but do not know if I have added too much or too little. Can you give me some idea of how much air needs to be added to maintain the correct balance in the system. Also, could you please give me a pump diagnosis which would account for the various problems we are currently experiencing?

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