Vent sizing and Siphoning...
Posted by Casman on March 25, 2002 at 15:02:39:
Hello again, my question is my tub drain is 1/ 1/2 and runs for 5 feet before tying into the vent, yup I know it's supposed to be 3' 6" but I had no choice, a 2 inch trap would be stickin through the ceiling so I went 1 1/2. The shower is fine, a 2 inch trap, stickin in the ceiling but above basement stair ceiling and I'm gonna build a coffer box to hide it. Shower drain runs about 2/ 1/2 feet to vent shared with tub. If I run into a siphon problem with the tub will increasing the shared vent to a 2 inch help, I don't think so but figured I'd ask! Thanks again

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