Re: Back boiler Choices Not Restricted
Posted by More on March 25, 2002 at 14:44:44:
In response to Re: Back boiler Choices Not Restricted
No, your choices aren't restricted at all. We have to guess that what you are asking is that you are looking for a new gas fireplace, and that there is an added utility on your existing fireplace that allows a pot of water to be placed upon it to come to a boil. You don't need that same option on the next fireplace you buy, someone utilized this option on the one you have because of the convenience and pleasure of capturing more utility from the fireplace. The boiling water pot also adds humidity to the room air which causes a better sense of warmth in the room. You can get a cheaper model.

: I,m Looking for a new gas fire but I have a back boiler . Does this restrict my choice??

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