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The pipes vibrate because there is too great a span between support hangers, to restrain the vibration. The reason there does not appear to be any causation for the vibration is because the cycling of the water heater allows the pipes to be refreshed with hot water, and the thermostat in the hater heater then shuts off the heat and allows the water in the pipes to cool to a determined point before re-heat. The heating and cooling when the temperature is at high heat allows water to be cooked to the boiling point and introduces steam into the piping, which cools and condenses, and leaves air trapped inside the pipe.The heat cycle causes expansion of the water at a greater pressure ratio than the standing air, which produces water motion even when you aren't flushing. The water motion isn't very detectable in a straight run of pipe because of the inertial constant, but the motion is highly excited and evident when it enters a point of cavitation at a turn, a coupling, a valve, a dead end shut off valve, or bend, and the preferred method of dealing with that vibration is a vibration dampener, an insulated hanger, or a whole slew of ganged up hangers. (hanged up gangers?)

Thats the cause.

You can stop it by finding our where the worst violation is (use a stethescope - or turned up empty glass water tumbler) remove the drywall in that section, look at the studs and piping, see where the hangers are, and thump the pipe a little bit to see where you need to install more hangers.

: my pipes sound like they are "vibrating" inside my wall. there does not appear to be any direct cause for the vibration (i.e. it is not connected to anything such as flushing the toilet, runnning the water, etc.) it appears as if flushing the toilet appears to make it stop momentarily. what causes the vibrations and how can i stop them?

: thanks for the help.

: dave g.

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