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Isn't this a great Web Site? Thanks, Terry! Squueze your main squeeze.

When you had the new water heater installed, did you check to see if the installer was a LICENSED installer? Older water heaters cook water somewhat efficiently, but they don't circulate water efficiently, and the cooking the water to heat it at high temperature produces steam,(which can be corrosive) and reduces the oxygen concentration in the water, and also works with hard water(with lots of impurities like calcium, sodium,aluminum, iron, magnesium,- suspended soilds) to allow deposits to be placed inside the water heater and in settling areas of the pipe system. If your house is 80 years old and has threaded galvanized iron screwed pipe joint threads, those threads were cut and tapered into the solid iron pipe wall, and are susceptible to corrisive attack from the water. But they sure worked well for a long time, didn't they? And you'll be happy to know they're well engineered, and are going to last a lot longer. Some of the small deposits have been broken free from their deposit places during the installation, and are being pushed by water pressure to the upstairs sink. Look closely at the sink spout and you'll see a threaded filter on its end. Remove it and turn on the water and it'll flow with lots of water pressure. If it doesn't....leave the water valve turned open a little bit, and close then re-open the angle stop valve at the wall, where the sink supply line is connected.....then it'll run free with lots of pressure. Clean the filter and re-install it, raise your eyes heavenward and mouth the words to say "thank you".

Also, after installation (but not before) the hot water is now backwards????????? Are you SURE you looked at the installers LICENSE? Hot water heaters only have one inlet, and that is for cold water supply to come into it, and the outlet is for heated water to exit, and travel in separate pipes throughout the entire house as hot water. If an unlicensed installer does not mark which pipe is cold and which is hot, and somehow connects the hot outlet backwards at the water heater connection, the entire house will be backward. And Now the installer says the entire HOUSE needs to be repiped? What does he think you are? Someone who doesn't know enough to seek help from the Terry Love pages? Is this considered insight?

: Three days ago, I had a new 40-gallon A.O. Smith electric water heater installed. There is now no water pressure from the bathroom sink on the 2nd floor, just a trickle comes out (the water pressure in the shower in the same room, & the kitchen sink downstairs are okay). I had low pressure before, but not this bad. The installer said it's because my pipes throughout the house should be replaced because of their age (my house is 80 years old). But I have read in some of the posts on this site that it could be debris that broke loose when the water to the house was turned back on after installation--does this sound like the case in my situation? What can I do to fix it besides replacing the house's piping?

: Also, after installation of the heater, all the faucets now turn on "backwards," i.e. when I turn them to the right I get hot water, and cold water when I turn them to the left. Why would this happen?

: Thanks for any insight.

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