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Posted by More on March 25, 2002 at 13:24:06:
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Gary, you are getting great information from hj's years of experience. Here's another tip: In the Seattle area you have Many options available to you, and your best is probably high technology Video camera inspection of the pipes from their insides, to see what the joints look like. Usually cameras are sent into the sewer from the street side to inspect Main lines for Public Utilities in sizes of six and eight inch, but laterals of smaller sizes are also able to be inspected. Your house might be 70 years old, but the piping may have been upgraded without your knowledge. If you can't find a sewer camera company locally, e-mail me at for more help

: The quality of these materials varied greatly and there were also different grades of pipe, so you would have to know both factors to get a good answer. Concrete pipe, typically, has a poor resistance to settling and can crack fairly easily. But in either case, the joints at that time were made with cement and it was a poor material to protect against root invasion. So, even if the pipe is still intact, I would assume you would have problems with stoppage due to roots, and the roots growing through the joints could also crack them.
: : What is the life expectancy of concrete and clay tile sewer lines? I live in Seattle and most of the houses are over 70 years old and some are over 90. I was told by a plumber that it is 50 years. Can you help me become more educated on these old sewer lines?
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