No water pressure
Posted by Jane on March 25, 2002 at 10:47:50:
Three days ago, I had a new 40-gallon A.O. Smith electric water heater installed. There is now no water pressure from the bathroom sink on the 2nd floor, just a trickle comes out (the water pressure in the shower in the same room, & the kitchen sink downstairs are okay). I had low pressure before, but not this bad. The installer said it's because my pipes throughout the house should be replaced because of their age (my house is 80 years old). But I have read in some of the posts on this site that it could be debris that broke loose when the water to the house was turned back on after installation--does this sound like the case in my situation? What can I do to fix it besides replacing the house's piping?

Also, after installation of the heater, all the faucets now turn on "backwards," i.e. when I turn them to the right I get hot water, and cold water when I turn them to the left. Why would this happen?

Thanks for any insight.

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